Sunday, September 21, 2008

9/19 - El Salvador


This was the first time I attended the concert outside the office. I set the alarm on my phone so I would not miss it. I joined you, my fellow concert goers, to pray for El Salvador with my two year-old son, Noah. Noah and I were out and about today so we listened to the phone call in a public restaurant. It was an interesting experience to see him at his first Concert. : ) David Hawk led us in prayer and gave us several requests that we should remember in ongoing prayer. Noah ate his lunch and would look to me for approval every now and then. I am not sure what Noah learned from the Concert of Prayer, but it will be one of those moments etched in my mind's eye for future reference.

So, have you invited relatives or little people to the concert? It was a new experience, but a fun one that I would recommend.

See you at the concert!
Kristi Crisp

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