Thursday, September 18, 2008

9/18 - Uruguay

NEW Possibilities

Modern technology rocks! I mean who could have imagined that every single Call to Prayer reader could gather together to pray over the telephone if they wanted? What a wonderful world we live in!

I know some of you are thinking that this is not what you would describe as exciting but maybe a bit more...scary. I know, new things can certainly be scary. I'll be the first to tell you that when I enter a room with complete strangers I am not going to be the first to reach out my hand and introduce myself. I'm a comfortable wallflower. : ) So big props (accolades) to you callers who have been a little frightened; we are thankful you were willing to try something outside your comfort zone. It was for good reason!

I think those opening a new field, like Uruguay, probably feel the same as we do making the conference call, but probably on a larger scale. It's really scary to go not knowing the culture, language, not having a house, or job and willingly say this is where God has called me - I will go. It's a good prayer reminder. The next time you pick up the phone say a prayer for the future team God will lead into Uruguay. There is no better way to cure a scare then knowing the peace of God.

Be blessed!
~Kristi Crisp
Call to Prayer Editor
World Gospel Mission

P.S. Join the call tomorrow when we pray for El Salvador.
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