Monday, August 6, 2012

To Argentina with Love

An excerpt from To Argentina with Love
By Bonnie Gouge, Argentina

July-September 2012

“Take a piece of paper and write one word that describes the World Gospel Church in Argentina.” It was a tough assignment, but we felt that this small group of pastors needed to answer this question: how do you describe your organization, your church, and your roots?

Understanding the challenges facing ministers in general, and this group of pastors in particular, we felt that God was asking us to challenge them first in heart issues—living and serving with integrity of heart.

As we looked into 1 Thessalonians 2, we questioned why Scripture compares leadership to being a father and a mother. From there we built on relationships, asking them why God created man (for fellowship) and why Jesus came to earth (to restore relationship with the Father).

Through discussion and studying the Bible, they realized that the World Gospel Church in Argentina is on their shoulders and that they are the ones who must take the church forward, united in love for one another.

God truly honored us with His presence and His love. We were ready to go out into the world with love! In the World Gospel Church in Argentina and in your church and community, people will see Jesus when we love one another.

Tell me, how would you describe your church in one word?

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