Thursday, August 9, 2012

Born with a Broken Heart

An excerpt from Born with a Broken Heart
By Shushan Richardson, Ukraine
July-September 2012

My nephew Isaiah was born with a broken heart. Actually, he had a number of problems that required hours of prayer and a number of surgeries, including two that doctors actually had to open his chest, sawing through his breastbone to repair his damaged heart.

Although things had been explained to him before the surgery, this was clearly more than he had signed up for. He was ready to be done. It hurt and he did not want it to hurt anymore. He did not want to be strapped to the bed; he wanted to get up. He was angry and upset. His mom sat by his bedside, stroking his face and trying to comfort him with words of love. Isaiah kept responding, “No love! No love!” as if he were crying, “This isn’t what love feels like.”

I often think of Isaiah’s statement when I share about God’s love with someone and they respond with questions such as “Where was God when this happened to me?” This world has so much brokenness. God is lovingly repairing our hearts, teaching us to love. Sometimes it hurts and it’s scary. Sometimes it is so much more than we “signed up for.” But God is right there, comforting us, stroking our faces, and telling us how much He loves us.

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