Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pure Love

An excerpt from Pure Love
By Larry Overholt, Honduras

July-September 2012

Throughout our years of ministry in Honduras, my wife, Angie, and I have witnessed a vast outpouring of love, both from the Hondurans with whom we work and from people in the U.S. who encourage and support us in ministry. I cannot imagine getting through the tough times without the encouragement of fellow missionaries, work teams, family, and the local church. There is no scale with which to measure the depth of love that springs from a genuine heart.

Our most recent encounter with unreserved love has come from our grandchildren, Quinn and Colin. As grandparents, we wanted this trip to have a positive impact on their young lives. We were concerned that they might be turned off by the heat in Choluteca, get bored, or wouldn’t like the food. We wondered, “How will they act around the Honduran children?” Upon their arrival, we quickly realized that we had no reason to fear. Quinn and Colin immediately became new little short-term missionaries. (Quinn had accepted the Lord when he was 4 years old and later led Colin to the Lord.)

But all too soon, the end came. Goodbyes, I have found, are the hardest part of missionary life. Upon leaving, Quinn said, “I sure am going to miss my best friend, Marvin.”  Even now, however, we realize they will impact children in the U.S. by sharing about their experience here and their new “best” friends.

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