Monday, August 20, 2012

Love Your Neighbor - Really

An excerpt from Love Your Neighbor - Really
By Melanie Miller, Honduras

July-September 2012

“Life isn’t fair!”

How many times have our spirits muddled in frustration over circumstances that just “wouldn’t have to be” if life was fair. We know—intellectually—that life isn’t fair, but our hearts still long for justice.

Kevin was a quiet little boy whom we got to know through our ministry at AFE (Amor, Fe, Y Esperanza, meaning Love, Faith, and Hope). AFE is a ministry that educates the children belonging to the families who live and work at the garbage dump in Tegucigalpa. Kevin was rarely seen with a clean face, and his soulful eyes were void of purpose.

Life began to change for Kevin when he enrolled in kindergarten at AFE. His smile was infrequent at first, but he learned what it was like to hold a crayon and color a picture. Despite a speech impediment that seemed to keep him a boy of few words, he learned to read and write.

The injustice of children working in the dump meant that on January 16, Kevin’s young life was lost beneath the wheels of a dump truck as he worked among the garbage. He left behind a mother and five younger siblings, along with his grandparents who provided love and consistency in his life.

There is nothing you and I can do to rectify the “unfairness” of what happened to Kevin. But it can challenge us to face the reality of life’s inequity that much of the world’s impoverished population lives daily. How am I sacrificing my life to make life better for someone in need? When God calls me to love my neighbor as myself, does it motivate my every action?

ACT: We can’t solve the world’s problems, but we can make a difference in the lives of those whom God brings to our paths. Are you loving your neighbor? Ask God today how He wants you to minister to those in your sphere of influence.
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