Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Stay Awhile

An excerpt from Stay Awhile
For the love of ministry

By Frank Martin, International Ministries
July-September 2012

Sharon and I went to Southwest Indian School in the fall of 1977.

One day, as I was heading home for lunch, I walked past the junior high boys’ dorm. Then something unusual happened. It seemed as if the Holy Spirit jumped off the dorm roof and started walking with me. (Please don’t think I’m being disrespectful when I say He jumped off the roof. It seemed that way to me!)

As He fell into step with me, He started to talk to me and finally asked, “How do you like it here at SIS?” I replied, “I like it very much!” By this time, we were at my door. As I reached out to grab the doorknob, He finished His conversation by saying, “I want you to stay here awhile.” And then He was gone! As I opened the door, I knew in my heart that we were to stay at SIS.

How long did that “awhile” last? Believe it or not, Sharon and I and our three children ministered for the Lord on the American Indian Field for 19 years. Wow! During that time, we held many positions and were involved in many ministries. Although we had many ups and downs along the way, we wouldn’t change one bit of it!

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