Thursday, May 24, 2012

STEERing Money to Missions

An excerpt from STEERing Money to Missions
By Tracy Dubois, Support Staff
April-June 2012

Founded in 1957, STEER is a nonprofit organization dedicated to “STEERing money to missions.” The company uses a three-way cooperative concept that enables donors, farm or ranch families, and missionaries to work together using the resources God has given them.

A donor supplies investment funds, or units, to cover the production costs of a crop or head of livestock. A farmer donates his time and feed to raise livestock (cows, hogs, sheep, etc.) or donates land, equipment, and his labor to raise crops (wheat, barley, corn, soybeans, etc.). When it’s time for harvest or butchering, the farmer selects an organization from STEER’s list of more than 80 partners. A missionary with that organization then receives the funds for ministry.

STEER has enough donor investment funds but is looking for more farm and ranch families to join the cause. As of September 2, 2011, WGM had more than 60 donor units available with STEER that just need a farmer to get involved. Are they waiting for you?

ACT: Visit or e-mail to learn more about partnering with STEER.

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