Monday, May 7, 2012

How a game of ISpy can change everything...

An excerpt from View Your World Differently
How a game of ISpy can change everything
By Shushan Richardson, Ukraine
April-June 2012

While on homeland ministry assignment this past fall, I had the privilege of speaking at my alma mater, Kentucky Mountain Bible College, for its fall recruiting event/missions conference. The theme was “I Spy…Seeing the World through God’s Eyes.” The premise of the event was Matthew 14:14, where Jesus was with the people and He looked on them with compassion, seeing their real needs and the need for laborers. This is a special verse to me, because God clearly spoke to me through it as I began to understand He was calling me to missions, calling me to see the world differently.
A game was set up on the KMBC Facebook page, challenging people to come and to play every day. Challenges were posted with an activity that would encourage players to see their world differently. Things like “ISpy the work of the Holy Spirit,” “ISpy a prayer warrior,” or “ISpy someone who needs to be encouraged.”

ACT: Create your own ISpy game for missions with your network of friends and family or with your Sunday School class. Look for the examples Shushan listed in this article and create a few of your own. You may just see the world differently too.
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