Thursday, May 17, 2012

Networking for the Cause of Prayer

An excerpt from Ministry Success = Prayer Support
Networking for the cause of prayer
By Frank Martin, International Ministries, with Kay Young, Retiree
April-June 2012

Mother Beezley realized that it would take more than money to get (World Gospel Mission's first) missionaries to China. She knew that unless they were covered with prayer, their ministry would be useless.

She knew that these praying people would need to know how to pray knowledgeably, so she mimeographed (an old method of copying documents) the missionary letters and sent them to these various groups. These letters later became the basis of this magazine, Call to Prayer, now The Call. When other missionaries went out from WGM, their letters were also mimeographed and sent to the praying people.

Can you help carry on the prayer work Mother Beezley started? The success of the missionaries on their various fields can be directly attributed to the prayers of the praying people. This cannot be emphasized enough. And it is still true today.

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