Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Deed is the Word

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The Deed is the Word

By Brad Carter, Spain
July-September 2013

The Deed Is the Word
I recently read an article on called How to Translate ‘I Wish I Could’ Into Actual Results.” This helpful article gives inspirational, practical methods and small steps to setting and achieving goals.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, as disciples of Christ, we would set goals and follow through in achieving them? What would happen if each of us prayerfully considered the direction in which God is leading us, made that our goal, and took steps in faith toward its fulfillment?

Sometimes I wonder if we have created a false dichotomy for ourselves: evangelism over here and justice over there. We want to “win souls,” walk someone through the “sinner’s prayer,” and “save people from burning in hell.” While this is a decent sentiment, it gives us the opportunity to set a goal for others and for God—but not for ourselves. 

So which goals are obtainable? Start by setting a goal you can achieve. How about getting to know your neighbor? As someone whose passion is getting to know immigrants, might I suggest investing in the lives of immigrants in your neighborhood? Help them practice their English or show them around town. A great way to get to know someone is to let them be the teacher and you be the learner. This goal will develop into a relationship. That relationship will transform into a friendship. Soon they will see how much you care, and they will want to know why. Your goal, your deed, becomes the evangelism. The deed is the word.

You can’t separate word and deed, evangelism and justice. If you do, you create a chasm that will leave you wishing “I could evangelize” but not doing much about it other than sitting in a pew on Sunday mornings.

Set your goals today!Click more to read the article to help you set goals. You can do it!
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