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Compassion from Dark Places

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Compassion from Dark Places

Compassion from Dark Places
By Debbie CartwrightAmerican Indian Field
July-September 2013

Daniel* wiped away a tear. “I know we can’t really afford to keep feeding them, but how can I watch the kids look for food in the garbage because they’re so hungry and not do something about it?”

Christi nodded. “We just feel like we show Jesus’ love to them when we feed them.”

“You guys have anything you want to add to a food box?” Matthew asked us. “I know I just took one to Mary, but the kids are hungry again and there’s nothing for them.”
Julie added, “It isn’t the kids’ fault their parents are addicts. They shouldn’t have to suffer.”

It’s a constant burden that our Native friends bear. Their compassion is deep because so many have been in those same dark places. Daniel and Christi have seen the destruction of addictions in their own family and among the people of the little church they pastor. Matthew and Julie—recovered meth addicts themselves, delivered by the grace of Jesus—vividly remember seeing the hurt of neglect in the eyes of their own children. They cannot undo the damage of their past, but they try to help now by ministering in a tangible way to the children of addicted parents.

Every week we see Native people being Jesus to children who need more than just a Bible story. Their compassion inspires us to be more like Jesus.

*The names in this story have been changed.

Help hungry children in your neighborhood!Hungry kids live in many neighborhoods in America. This week, ask Jesus to open your eyes to the hungry kids in your community. Then get your grocery bag ready, because it is time to pay them a visit with the gifts of Jesus’ love and food.

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