Thursday, September 12, 2013

Massage Therapy: helpful, healthy, heavenly service

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Massage Therapy

By Tracy Dubois, Support Staff
July-September 2013

Massage TherapyStress. Trouble sleeping. Back pain. Depression. Headaches.
If you have any of these symptoms, read on to learn how massage therapy could be just what the doctor, and God, ordered.

Cheryl Nesselroade, daughter of World Gospel Mission retirees Dick and Barbara Barker (Japan) and ministry partner ofLaura Lea Sims (American Indian Field), is a massage therapist at Massage on Main in Wilmore, Kentucky. 

“Massage allows me to share Christ’s love in such a tangible way—through touch,” Cheryl began. “Public speaking is not my strong suit, so this profession is perfect for me. There are many people who are suffering and living through tremendous pain, and by showing concern and letting God work through me to bring someone relief, I believe that is sharing God’s love.”

Cheryl sometimes prays silently over her clients, asking God to bless and keep them in whatever circumstances they are going through. 

“Massage therapy has the unique ability to positively impact not only the physical, but the emotional and mental,” one of Cheryl’s regular clients explained. “As the body is worked, pain is relieved and tension is calmed. The negative emotions associated with the pain are replaced with positive ones. The therapist acts as a facilitator to focus awareness on the issues which are being addressed.”

Cheryl added: “Our bodies are agents and ambassadors for God. He commands us to ‘love one another as we love ourselves.’ We must take care of our body and soul in order to be fully available to care for others.”

While massage has many physical benefits—increased work productivity, fewer trips to the doctor, decreased pain, delayed surgeries, and general increased wellbeing—Cheryl believes these effects are spiritual as well. “I love to offer a service that is helpful, healthy, and heavenly.”

Give a healing touch!Does someone you know need a healing touch? Send them a gift certificate for a massage along with an encouraging note from you.

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