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Beauty from Bruises

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Beauty from Bruises

By Maribel Pedraza, WGM Partner in Mexico
July-September 2013

Beauty from Bruises“Mrs. Pérez, we’re sorry to say you must return to your home.” Those words resounded in her head like the blows she received while she, as defenseless as a child, was assaulted with furious punches by her husband. 

This wasn’t the first time Pedro had hit Conchita, but it would be the last. Hours later, she would leave her home and this vile mistreatment…in a black body bag. Pedro had stabbed her to death.

It’s been several years since the last time I lifted myself up off the floor with a misshaped face. As a consequence of my decision to stand up for myself, a very painful divorce followed and ended in my losing custody of my small daughters who are now adults.

Almost since the beginning of my conversion in 2004, I received a call to work with abused women. When I was studying to become a missionary, a beloved teacher told me, “From your worst pain, God will form a ministry.” And that is what has happened. I’m now in Pénjamo, Mexico, with my worst pain converted into a labor of faith, working to bring forward this vision born from the heart of God for this abandoned city: Build a refuge for abused women and their children where they will be strengthened in every way—physically, emotionally, and spiritually—and where they may learn to reincorporate themselves effectively in society.

My friend Conchita didn’t survive. I did. I’m alive to tell about it and complete a divine purpose. To God be the glory!

Help build a refuge for abused women!Help this labor of faith grow. Registering this ministry with the Mexican government requires lawyer and registration fees. Assist with this financial need by sending a check to WGM. Check donations should be made payable to World Gospel Mission with account #26560-CALL written in the memo line. 

Send check donations to:
World Gospel Mission
P.O. Box 948
Marion, IN 46952-0948

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