Monday, January 14, 2013

The Spiritual Equivalent to Blue-Chip Stock

The Spiritual Equivalent to Blue-Chip Stock

By Jason Beavers, Team Participant
January-March 2013

In the business world, an investor desires to feel confident that he is choosing a winning corporation with which to entrust his partnership. He will ask if he can trust this company’s managers. Do they run their corporation efficiently and credibly? Perhaps most importantly, will this investment yield a profitable return? These questions are relevant to the spiritual world as well. Christians who invest their prayers, time, and money in Christian missions want to feel confident that they will receive affirmative answers to these same questions as they relate to the propagation of the gospel. From my personal experience in Papua New GuineaChristian Union Bible College is the spiritual equivalent to blue-chip stock.

The potential for continued success is unbounded. PNG nationals are hungry for the gospel, and the Lord is supplying their needs through the college. CUBC is one of the most effective ways to produce a Spirit-led, self-sustaining church in PNG. Local Christian leaders leave this three-year program equipped to minister in their neighborhoods and villages. They are multiplying the numbers counted among the saints every year. This effective ministry, combined with the Papua New Guineans’ thirst for the gospel, makes the field a potential for tremendous continued success.

Spiritually speaking, the yield on return is high in PNG. CUBC needs additional funds. The Lord will provide; He always does. Is God calling you to invest in or partner with Christian Union Bible College in PNG? Please prayerfully consider how best you can be involved:

Pray: Pray that Jesus will be lifted up and glorified in all of the ongoing training at the Bible college. Pray that God will enable the missionaries to explain the teachings of the Bible in a way that is relevant to the culture.
Go: Has God called you to serve Papua New Guineans with your church or a work team, or as a volunteer, using the talents He has given you to teach the Bible?Give: Christian Union Bible College needs your help! Will you help send a pastor to Bible college? A financial investment of $900 can send someone to the college for one year. Any gift will assist in transforming a congregation with a pastor who has been trained in the knowledge of the Bible and of God.
Pass It On: After hearing about this powerful ministry and their need for partners, can you think of someone you know who would like to learn about Christian Union Bible College in PNG? Pass on this article so others can learn how God might use them to minister to a lost world.

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