Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Discover Your Cause

President's Perspective

By Hubert Harriman, President
January-March 2013

Steve and Alene Burgert, missionaries to Kenya recently spoke at WGM's chapel for support staff. As they began to share, we immediately sensed the energy of a God-given cause. Alene’s training and experience in prison chaplaincy ministry in the United States had “unknowingly” prepared her to play a vital role in the new prison chaplaincy training program envisioned by the Africa Gospel Church. She exuded passion and compassion as she told the story of Peter, who was converted while serving a life sentence. He was miraculously released and is now studying at Kaboson Pastors Training College, preparing to go back into the prison as a chaplain. Alene had not only discovered a God-given cause; she was intent on duplicating that cause in the lives of other people, in order to touch needy communities with the life-transforming message of the gospel. There is no greater cause!

This is why WGM has captured this as its central ministry focus. We state simply, strongly, and succinctly that our central focus is“Whole person transformation into the heart and soul of all communities.” We truly believe God can do this, and it is the reason Jesus came among us. This is happening over and over again across our fields of ministry. We have some incredible God-given causes that bring healing and help into individual lives and into the heart and soul of communities.

By the help of God, WGM is intent on helping believers discover missions—to discover their God-given cause. Without this, we die. With this, we live!

So, what is your cause?

ACT: Discovering your cause may seem a daunting task, but WGM is here to help. A resource to get you started on this journey is the World GO! Manual. Download the first chapter and get started on your path to discovery at

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