Monday, January 21, 2013

Seeds of Blessings

Estate Planning: Seeds of Blessings

January-March 2013

She raised her six young children alone, by no fault of her own. Her husband of 20 years had died from medical malpractice. Her shoulders were weighted with the insecurity of the unknown. But with humble, tenacious faith, she looked for, fiercely claimed, and stood on the promises of God’s care for the widowed and orphaned. Her faith was honored by a God who never fails. This woman is my grandmother, Lovina Miller.

The little girl was eight years old, and the day began as any other day...only to culminate with the first of many seizures in the years to come. Options for treatment were few. Lacking financial resources, the family could only place the young child in God’s care despite her continued seizures. “God gave me my daughter, and I have given her back to Him. He is the one who must provide,” said her mother, at peace but broken over the pain and suffering of her youngest child. This child is Heydi Selena Maldonado Estrada, a member of Shalom Church and a friend of our family.

A life of faith lived in the Midwest produced seeds of blessing. Upon Lovina’s death, she designated part of her estate to mission work. God took those seeds of blessing and blew them all the way to Choluteca, Honduras, where Mark and I plant, water, and pray they blossom into blessing.

Through the gift of Grandma’s faithful living, Heydi was offered the opportunity to seek specialized care in the capital city of Tegucigalpa. Upon her first visit, her medication was changed and she has been seizure free. The true test lies in the upcoming months. Will you pray with us for a miracle for Heydi?

What challenges me is the impact of Grandma’s life that continues on, long after her death. Imagine touching others far beyond your own ways, means, and even duration of life. Are you living in a way that provokes God’s blessing?

GIVE: Create your own seeds of blessings by creating an estate plan. For assistance, contact Mark Moore, WGM attorney, at 765.661.2803. All discussions will be held at no charge and in complete confidence.

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