Monday, April 16, 2012

Then and Now

An excerpt from Then and Now
By Larry Overholt, Honduras
April-June 2012

My family and I came to Honduras in 1982. I can only imagine what veteran Honduras missionaries would have thought at that time if we had told them that we needed to “tweet our latest activity,” “Skype a stateside missions committee,” “chat with our son in Germany,” “talk to our daughters using a voice over IP phone,” or “log in on Facebook.”

Facebook and other social networking sites are another modern marvel. Nine months ago, we responded to a “friend” request from Mike Garrett on Facebook. Our friendship, from years past, was quickly renewed over the Internet. Within a few weeks, Mike began asking, “What can Sharon and I do to help in Choluteca?” Mike and Sharon were recently approved by WGM to come to Choluteca and work with us in the vocational school and in church ministry.

ACT: Create your own social network by sharing the ministry in Choluteca with others. Grab a speaker outline at
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