Monday, April 23, 2012

Champions and Economics

An excerpt from Champions and Economics
A network of blessings
By Dennis Johnson, Mexico

April-June 2012

Recently Twana and I spent five weeks on the West Coast, mostly in Oregon, while forming our network of supporters. The West Coast has not been a priority region during most of our missionary career. In fact, the last time we were on the West Coast doing “deputation” was exactly 37 years ago! We remember that time well because it was our very first time to pull together a team of champions for our term of service in Bolivia, South America.

As we anticipated our time out West, our goal was to not spend more than we would receive. Our concerns were that lodging and meals are expensive, and the high cost of fuel could put a serious dent in our ministry account. So, we contacted some of our close friends who live out West to see if they could help us out, and this is where champions and economics took over. Just look what God did through them:

Champion couple #1 offered to keep us in their home in Oregon. This home was near all of the meetings and contacts we were able to set up. They not only provided housing for us for 23 days, but they also provided most of our meals when we were there for meal times.

Champion couple #2 invited us to spend the Easter weekend with them because that is not an easy time to have church meetings. What a joy to stay with this retired missionary couple in Washington!

Champion couple #3 provided housing and meals for the rest of our time in Oregon. The week we spent with them was a wonderful week of fellowship and sharing. Their generosity saved our ministry account another $800.

Champion #4 is a retired missionary who just happens to be outside of the United States doing ministry. However, she has a car that her brother in Portland keeps for her. When she found out we were going to be in the area, she quickly made arrangements for us to use her car for all of our travel needs while there. We put over 2,000 miles on her car and had only the expense of gasoline and an oil change that was due when we finished using it.

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