Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Trying to Get Back to Normal

Trying to Get Back to Normal, and Beyond
By Paul Shingledecker, Haiti
January–March 2012

No Haitian will ever forget January 12, 2010. Without a doubt, the 7.0-magnitude earthquake changed the little country forever.

But life goes on, and we must rebuild. WGM support staff member Sheryl Landis (Member Health) came to Radio Lumière to do posttraumatic stress disorder debriefing and told the staff, “Things will never be the same. You’ve lost homes, belongings, loved ones, and everything secure. But there is one thing I can promise you—you will find a new ‘normal.’ This upside-down world will finally come back together for you and you’ll feel comfortable in it again.”

One of the exciting things that has come out of the earthquake is a sense that “normal” is not enough. Haiti needs to build back better. At Radio Lumière, our friends and partners from other countries have responded by giving not only to keep Radio Lumière on the air, but also to make it stronger. We have projects to remodel studios, rebuild transmitter sites, and even to start a new station in a remote area.

GO: Can you help Haiti rebuild? Join a work team and build new, better homes in Haiti. To learn more, contact Bill Bucher at
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