Monday, February 27, 2012

Japan Crisis Fund Update

An excerpt from Japan Crisis Fund
By Kevin Zirkle, Japan
January–March 2012

Many things changed in Japan on March 11, 2011. With the triple disaster of a 9.0-magnitude earthquake, a tsunami that was over 30 feet high in many areas, and the damage at the Fukushima Nuclear Plant causing radiation to leak, Japan was no longer a place where safety was considered a given. People realized that life is more fragile and unpredictable than they thought it was.

In response to the disaster and the tremendous needs created by it, the Immanuel Church established a Disaster Relief Section. This group evaluates situations and channels funds to those with the most urgent needs. Because WGM works with the Immanuel Church in Japan, WGM decided to establish the Japan Crisis Fund and channel gifts to the Immanuel Church’s Disaster Relief Section.

The area affected by the earthquake and tsunami has been historically difficult to evangelize because people there are very traditional. Before this event, the church and Christians were considered as strangers in that area. Now that the church has worked so hard to help, people say that the church is no longer a stranger, but a friend. May people in this region come to know Jesus, the Friend who is closer than a brother.

PRAY: Pray for those living in the area worst affected by the crisis who now see the church as a friend. May they come to know Jesus through this tragedy.
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