Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Central America and Mexico

An excerpt from Regional Update: Central America and Mexico
By Terry Hawk, Regional Director of Central America and Mexico
January–March 2012

Sixty-five years ago, the first WGM missionaries arrived in Comayagua, Honduras. They started the first Sunday School with just five little kids on the street. Recently, we attended a special celebration in Comayagua to thank God for the first evangelical church that was established in that city.

PRAY: Please join the WGM Honduras Field in offering praise for what God has done in the last 65 years of church planting.

El Salvador
After some problems with paperwork, interviewing hundreds of applicants for job positions, and purchasing all the needed equipment, David Hawk was able to open the new medical clinic in El Salvador on October 12, 2011. What a difference this new facility is going to make in the town of Jucuapa!

MORE: To learn more about the David V. King Medical Center in El Salvador, visit www.wgm.org/davidvking.

God is moving His Church in the area surrounding the border of Mexico to a posture of repentance. Christians gathered in Mexico on the Nuevo Laredo side, and Christians in Laredo, Texas, gathered on the USA side and faced each other. They prayed for repentance, seeking God’s divine intervention in the crisis on the border with issues such as drugs, crime, and increased gang activity.

ACT: Perhaps God is moving you to repentance as well. Read Matthew 18:1, where God gives us a model for repentance.
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