Thursday, May 26, 2011

An excerpt from The Bicycle
By Frank Martin, International Pastor
April/May/June 2011

The bicycle is a good example of what prayer should be in our lives. The frame represents prayer itself, attaching to all other parts of life.

The chain illustrates love, driving everything we do. Love grows as we spend time in God’s Word.

The rear wheel stands for our family. Everything we know about God must first be acted out in our homes.

The bicycle represents how prayer applies to our lives, but it is useless without the rider. And that rider is you! The bicycle and you make a powerful team! With prayer, you can show the world that this thing we call the spiritual life is real. Renew your team effort by taking the bicycle of prayer and putting your talents and gifts in motion. God wants to use you and your bicycle of prayer to change the world!

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