Thursday, June 2, 2011

Honduras Work Team Highlights

An excerpt from He Knows Them by Name
Honduras work team highlights
By Carol Mast, Short-term Volunteer
April/May/June 2011

Talanga is the location of the second phase of Project Manuelito. We spent a week with the 18 kids who live there. These kids had spent almost a year at the transition house, and then moved to Talanga where they live, are loved, and attend school. We hugged, played basketball, hugged, played soccer, made crafts, and hugged some more.

On our last night in Honduras, Pastor Pinto took us to the streets to see where the kids come from. The team passed out food, hugged some more, and prayed with some. Our hearts were broken.
God loves each person our team met, and He knows them by name. He heard and answered my prayers. He broke my heart.

ACT: Carol’s team showed the love of Christ in Honduras through playing sports, praying, and sharing food and hugs. This could be your experience, too. Trips to Honduras are available all times of the year. To join or schedule a team, sign up at
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