Monday, May 2, 2011

Picking Your Team

An excerpt from Picking Your Team
By Kelly Hallahan, Uganda
April/May/June 2011

Every church needs a good team. Here are the key players and how you can maximize their potential:

1. Pastor
•Pray for him or her that God will increase his or her passion for missions.
•Sponsor his or her trip to visit missionaries your church supports.
•Pray for him or her to take the Perspectives course or a missions class at a local Christian college.

2. Missions Committee
•Global Outreach Weekend—WGM would be glad to help your church explore its missions plan for the greatest impact.
•Connect with other missions committees. Host a missions prayer breakfast and invite missions committee members from other churches. Perhaps have a missionary or someone who has been on a short-term trip share. Encourage one another in missions.

3. Missionaries
•Missionaries want to be involved in your life and in your missions journey.
•Invite a missionary to dinner while they are on homeland ministry assignment.
•Send personal and church prayer requests to your missionaries.
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