Monday, May 9, 2011

Why Coach?

An excerpt from Why Coach?
By Troy Simpson, Support Staff
April/May/June 2011

Jesus had a team called the disciples. Jesus recruited and chose His team through a series of “tryouts.” Jesus coached His team daily, giving praise when things were done right and correction when needed. Jesus knew when His team was all on the same page, and He knew when at least one was no longer a team player. And talk about pressure! If Jesus’ team had not been ready, the salvation of the world could be lost. He did all of this without any all-Americans, not one all-conference player, or even an honorable mention. Jesus took players that nobody really wanted and worked through them to create His church.

ACT: Ministries come in all varieties, and often they are not what we would have chosen. Is God asking you to use something ordinary in your life as a ministry? Pray for guidance in this area.
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