Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gifts Bigger Than the Super Bowl

An excerpt from Gifts Bigger Than the Super Bowl
By Todd Eckhardt, Support Staff
November/December 2010

But do not think you have to leave the country to impact missions as a volunteer. WGM wants to be sure that you can find a role in the Great Commission to offer your skills and service. One of our volunteers regularly hosts missionaries in their home. What a great service they offer. Another regularly works to be sure missionaries are part of their church’s outreach plan. Without volunteers such as these, WGM could never be the extension of the local church that God has asked us to be.

To be sure we maximize the gifts of our volunteers, WGM has designed programs to fit the needs of the volunteers. For believers who have a burden to see their churches or communities go far in the Great Commission, WGM has a program to assist. We have tools to help others go deeper with their role in missions. This program is the Advance Volunteer Network. For the ones the Holy Spirit has touched to go to a country or field of service and offer their God-given talents, the Missionary Volunteer Partners program is designed with their burden in mind.

The great thing about volunteering short term in missions is that the impact lasts a lot longer than if you volunteer at this year’s Super Bowl.

MORE: To learn more about the Advance Volunteer Network, visit
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