Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Gift of Love

An excerpt from The Gift of Love
Sharing Jesus on the Mission Field as a Short-term Volunteer
By Chrissy Greenwell, Mexico
November/December 2010

Some people believe they have nothing to offer on the mission field. Nevertheless, letting people see Jesus in you is what ministry is all about. So if you know Jesus, you can have an impact on lives. I moved back to Saltillo in August 2009. When some of the children saw me on the street, they came running to me to ask if Kevin was back. I have never met Kevin, but I found out he was on a team that ministered in Saltillo. The interest Kevin expressed and the love he showed for Jesus made a huge impact on the children in my neighborhood. Kevin opened a door for further ministry on the field. Although this is wonderful news, it also leads to a huge need: more missionary workers.

Please keep praying for missionary workers for WGM Mexico. Great possibilities for ministry exist but nobody to fill the need…or are you available?

ACT: Here are three ways you can support Chrissy in Mexico. Pick one and let her know you want to be her partner in ministry.

* Contact Chrissy at www.wgm.org/greenwell and ask to be added to her prayer letter list so you will know how you can better pray for her.

* If you would like to financially partner with Chrissy, go to www.wgm.org/greenwell and click on the Donate button.

* Work beside Chrissy on the field. Are you available to serve God in Mexico? Contact Troy Simpson at recruiting@wgm.org to ask what opportunities are available.
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