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Keep Praying

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Keep Praying

The Church is the key to spiritual growth
By Twana Johnson, Missionary, Mexico
April-June 2015

Church service in Mexico
She was only 14, but she found our church and started coming regularly. We loved her big smile and willingness to stand and give God the glory during praise and worship time.

She started to bring her grandmother who lived just down the street from the church. At first, Grandma wasn’t too sure about coming. She was from an established religion and felt it was being a traitor to that faith. Unfortunately, the granddaughter quit coming, but to our surprise, Grandma kept coming! She loved the worship music and even had one of our young people put praise music on her phone so she could listen during the week. Her favorite is “The Power of His Love” by Hillsong (in Spanish, of course).

One of the ladies from the congregation went to her home and led her to the Lord. She joined the new converts’ class and grew spiritually. She moved in with her daughter and granddaughter to save money, but suffered persecution from them. As she sought advice, she learned to “be quiet and pray” and to respond in love. The church body prayed as well.
Recently, just before Grandma was to be baptized, the daughter talked to the lady who led her mother to the Lord. She confessed that she had seen such a change in her mother and wanted what her mother had! Praise the Lord, she confessed Him as her Savior. How exciting it was to hear Grandma, the daughter, and the granddaughter give their testimonies and watch them be baptized! I heard someone comment: “Grandma looks so much younger than when she first started coming!” That’s what happens when Jesus shines!

We were tempted to be discouraged because the granddaughter had quit coming, but we kept praying for her. God was working, not through us, but her grandma. What a lesson in faith.

Are you discouraged because you are not seeing a change in the situation or the person you are praying for? Don’t give up. God is working.

PRAY: Father, I pray for those who have been praying for years for a loved one to find Christ. Remind them that You are working and You have a plan. Encourage them to keep praying and assure them that You are listening. Amen.
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