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Does It Matter that I'm Not a Preacher?

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Does It Matter that I’m Not a Preacher?

The key to using your talents in missions
By Jared Gleason, Support Staff
April-June 2015
God uses key people with different skills and talents to expand his global Church.
When you think about missions and missionaries, people like William Carey, Amy Carmichael, and even the apostle Paul come to mind. They were great missionaries, and God used them in amazing ways. But fast forward a few years, and it’s clear that missions has changed—dare I say, it’s always evolving.

As I work with individuals interested in missionary service, I sometimes get asked the question, “Does it matter that I’m not a preacher?” A good question. The short answer is “No, it doesn’t matter.” Yes, missions does include preaching and evangelism, but it can also include teaching English, performing surgery, and fixing cars.

It’s exciting to see how God uses key people with different skills and talents to expand his global Church. I think of a photographer who provides family portraits to families in Albania, a mechanic who teaches young boys how to maintain vehicles in Honduras, and a young adult who plays soccer and Ultimate Frisbee with atheist and agnostic college students in Argentina. Some awesome ministries, right? God never ceases to amaze me in the ways He connects people and provides opportunities to speak into their lives.

What is your skill? What is your passion? Have you asked God how He can use you in missions? Here are some current opportunities/positions in which you or someone you know can serve in missions and be a part of what God is doing around the world:
These are just a few specific positions currently needed around the world. For a larger list, visit However, it is impossible to list all the ways God can use people to bring others into relationship with Him. I ask that you pray and ask God how He wants to use you in missions. You and your talent may be the key to someone else discovering Jesus and entering into a personal relationship with Him.

MORE: If you feel as if your interests or skills can’t be used in missions, get in touch with Jared. He shares, “I’m always up for a challenge. I’d love to help you find that ministry God has in mind for you.” Email Jared at
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