Wednesday, February 18, 2015

God is Still Calling

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God Is Still Calling

By Todd Eckhardt, Support Staff
January-March 2015

God Is Still Calling
One of many things I love about the Word of God is how timeless it is. The truth that led my parents into ministry leads me. The foundation that the Bible gave to guide the founders of World Gospel Mission guides us today. His Word is timeless.

WGM still experiences the timeless truth of what we have labeled the Great Commission. Just as Jesus charged the early church to go and make disciples, He gives us the same marching orders today. The call to fulfill the Great Commission is timeless.

As we focus on God answering prayer, WGM has a front-row seat to seeing God answer the prayer for providing workers to fulfill the Great Commission. God is still calling people from your church to serve the world. Thank the Lord for those who say yes to His call!

In 2014, WGM appointed 20 new missionaries to work around the world. We see doctors going to serve. School teachers saying yes to the Great Commission. Business leaders leaving their U.S. employment to serve the needs in other regions in the name of Jesus. Construction workers asking God to help them build more than structures. Men and women from all walks of life, of all ages and family backgrounds are still answering the call of God to serve in missions. This indeed is an answer to prayer.

What about you? Are you fulfilling the Great Commission? Some are called to fulfill it in their own city, while others are called to fulfill it around the world. Whatever your call, please say yes.

GO: If your call is for full-time service in missions, WGM would love to assist you with the process of seeing this call become a reality. Contact our Great Commission mobilizer today at and find out how you can fulfill your call.

MoreMORE: Several ministry opportunities are listed on our website. Take a closer look at
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