Sunday, April 27, 2014

Education [April 27 - May 3]

Education—April 27–May 3
For disadvantaged people around the world, education is simply a dream. Education as a ministry cause is making those dreams achievable. In Central America, these outreaches are as unique as the people they serve.

Children are learning how to read and write across the street from a city dump, and adults are learning a skill at a vocational school. In addition to learning to read and write, boys are learning auto repair and taking care of cows and pigs on a farm and girls are learning to sew. Some adults even study at a seminary to effectively spread God’s Word in their communities and throughout their country.
  • Praise God for Christian educators who are planting seeds of God’s love in their students.
  • Pray for teachers as they balance work, family, and ministry. Pray that they will make time to spend with Jesus, allowing Him to minister to their souls.
  • Ask God to grant those serving in education wisdom in preparing their lessons. Any given classroom has a variety of learners, disabilities, and cultural backgrounds.
Act!ACT: Christian teachers are needed in multiple ministry locations. Long-term teachers are especially needed, but short-term positions may be filled on a semester basis. Click Act to learn more about these needs!

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