Sunday, April 20, 2014

Church Ministries [April 20-26]

Church Ministries—April 20–26
Florencio. Rudy. Evangelina. They are in heaven because of church ministries among the Guarayo tribe of Bolivia. Although they have passed away, we will meet them on Resurrection Day.

Church is more than the building you go to on Sundays. It’s about building relationships, encouraging people in their walks with God, and reaching out to unsaved friends and neighbors around the world. The next time you walk into your church, remember the Bolivians who are worshiping in the open air, a congregation in Papua New Guinea that is sitting on banana leaves, and those in the persecuted church who are worshiping in secret. We all serve the same God!
  • Pray for God to open the hearts and minds of those around the world who do not know Him. May we be faithful to share the good news of salvation with them.
  • Pray for God’s protection on those worshiping and spreading the Word in sensitive or dangerous areas.
  • Pray for good time management, extra strength, and times of rest for church leaders as they balance home and ministry obligations.
GIVE: Make a Memorial for Missions gift in memory of Florencio, Rudy, Evangelina, or someone who was influential in your salvation story. 

podcastPODCAST: Enjoy interviews with missionaries who serve in key missions causes. Listen to this week’s podcast!

The CallCALL: Call WGM’s Prayer Lifeline at 671.7232 (Marion, Indiana, area) or 1.800.426.0846 (toll free) to join other concert-goers in hearing this week’s recorded prayer.

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