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Transforming Students

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Transforming Students

Partnering with West Africa Theological Seminary
By Shelley ChapmanNigeria
January-March 2014

Transforming Students to Transform CommunitiesWhat does it take to transform a community—a village, a city, a state, a country, a continent—for God’s glory? The task is daunting. I am reminded, though, of something that management expert and systems thinker Peter Senge said: “Organizations learn only through individuals who learn.” We could say that “Communities transform only through individuals who transform.”(Quoted from The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization.)

West Africa Theological Seminary in Nigeria is in the business of helping individuals transform. Students come from diverse communities of their own, representing 100 denominations and more than 10 countries. They come for academic achievement and spiritual growth so they can take places of leadership in their home villages and states. They attend classes, worship regularly in chapel, participate in discipleship groups, engage in outreach ministries, and seek to live and grow together in the kingdom of God.

Throughout its nearly 25-year history, WATS has capitalized on a community of strategic partnerships that helped the school to focus on the transformation of individual students so they can lead transformation efforts in their home communities. And now, World Gospel Mission is joining the team by sending two missionaries to WATS in 2014.

A great community of helpers contributes to transform individual students, who, in turn, help transform their home villages and churches, as well as distant mission fields—all for the glory of God.

Give!GIVE: Shelley Chapman and Jennifer Bennett need ministry partners to come alongside them financially to see that this partnership with WATS becomes reality. To join team WGM Nigeria, make a donation at or today!

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