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Radio Lumiere

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Radio Lumiere

Partnerships for Christian radio
By Paul ShingledeckerHaiti
January-March 2014

Radio Lumière
One of the all-time challenges in missions is to nationalize the ministries we start. How do we not only get people saved and churches planted, but also ensure that these churches grow and reproduce?

One important tool in nationalization is partnerships. My wife, Pat, and I went to Haiti in 1980. World Gospel Mission was planting churches and evangelizing the Central Plateau. Our job was to support that ministry with radio broadcasting on Radio Lumière. A number of years later, all of the ministries were turned over to the national pastors and the missionaries began to leave. The nationals were capable and ready to go on their own.

But what about Radio Lumière? By then it was a network of nine radio stations, four mountaintop relays, and five regional studios. Not only was it highly technical, but it also cost a lot to operate. The national pastors valued it and wanted it, but they didn’t have the resources to keep it going.

Enter partnerships. WGM, World Team, and several others have continued to partner with the national church and Radio Lumière to keep it on the air. Pat and I didn’t leave Haiti when the other missionaries did. For another 16 years, we worked alongside our Haitian counterparts, partnering to continue to build and develop the radio ministry. We trained Haitians so they could take over.

Today Radio Lumière is owned by the Haitian national churches and entirely in their hands. They are totally responsible for the operation of this vital ministry to the Haitian people. Does this mean the partnership is over? No, there are still areas where they need our help.
  1. Technicians: WGM still partners with Radio Lumière by sending missionary technicians and short-term volunteers to help fix and maintain equipment. Contact recruiting@wgm.org if you are interested in finding out more about partnering in this way.
  2. Prayer: The ministry of Radio Lumière depends on prayer. Pray for the staff and their families. Pray for their safety and for wisdom and anointing as they work. Pray, too, for the installations—the transmitters, the generators, and all the other equipment—that they will function properly and not be damaged and that God will protect from vandals.
  3. Finances: Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, and the Radio Lumière budget is nearly $500,000 a year. You can help keep Radio Lumière on the air with a donation. You can give online at www.wgm.org/radiolumiere.
What is a partnership? It’s coming alongside our national brothers and sisters, working together for the kingdom’s sake.

Act!ACT: Can you partner with Radio Lumière? Take time this month to follow up on one of the ways Radio Lumière still needs partners.
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