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Spreading the Good News at Home and Around the World

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Spreading the Good News at Home and Around the World

By Ned McGrady, Member Health
January-March 2014

Spreading the Good News at Home and Around the World
Marion, Indiana, has been the home of World Gospel Mission now for more than 60 years. WGM is excited to be involved in transformational change through a unique partnership with Habitat for Missionaries.

Habitat for Missionaries is a nonprofit organization committed to providing building skill training and financial support for evangelical Christian missionaries via the rehabbing and building of homes across North America. It was founded by retired missionaries Rev. Bill and Daphne Foster.

In this partnership, Bill Bucher, WGM’s director of Men With Vision, has coordinated the efforts of WGM staff, Men With Vision chapters, and church volunteers to help rehab a home at 3727 Nebraska Street, Marion, Indiana. Remodeling this home will benefit the community as well as missions in many ways as volunteers provide the labor to restore this home to its intended value.

WGM benefits from the proceeds of the remodeling of this home. Due to the excellent leadership of Bill Bucher and many volunteers, the labor that was donated by skilled and nonskilled volunteers creates a profit margin that allows WGM’s Member Health Department to receive funds. The proceeds from this home can be used for travel to make pastoral visits, hold retreats, and provide support and encouragement to our missionaries serving around the world. As our missionaries are cared for and ministered to, the gospel of Jesus Christ continues to go forth and lives are transformed and changed by God’s amazing love.

Transformational change is what the gospel is really all about. We see that demonstrated from an abandoned house in Marion to the mission fields around the world. What a unique way to spread the Good News at home and abroad.

More!MORE: Your church can partner with Habitat for Missionaries, too. This may be the step of faith God is asking you to take to increase your missions giving as a community. Learn more about serving at www.habitatformissionaries.com.
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