Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Where Do Your Interests Lie?

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Where Do Your Interests Lie?

Where Do Your Interests Lie?God loves to use the things we’re excited about to build His kingdom.

What captures your attention? Do you enjoy playing soccer or football? Maybe God would like to use your love for sports to donate sports equipment to Taylor Community Center so missionaries like Gerson TejedaTim Benner, and Jorge Vaca can use them to reach kids and adults.

Partner with Sports for the Savior!Click Give to donate sports equipment through the Sports for the Savior—Mexico Great Co-Mission Catalog

Do you like to do crafts? Taylor Community Center and Taylor Christian School would love donated craft items. Better yet, McAllen, Texas, has a Michaels arts and crafts store. Gift certificates to Michaels would greatly help Betsy TejedaChristina McBrideKim Benner, and me in doing Bible clubs, ladies teas, etc., at the center.

Many of you are concerned about education. Missionary Marsha Hartley would love to see more funds donated to our student sponsorship program at Taylor Christian School. The director of Taylor Christian School would like to receive funds to help pay our hard-working teachers. As far as education goes, I must warn you that if you even begin to discuss Campbell’s soup labels or Box Tops for Education with Bill and Betsy Tarr, you may not get them to stop talking! 

Partner with School of Hard Knocks!Provide student sponsorships to Taylor Christian School through the It’s Either the School of Hard Knocks or…—Mexico Great Co-Mission Catalog project.

Do you like to eat? Of course you do! I have a wonderful supporter who sends me fast-food gift certificates to hand out for ministry. The point is, ask God to show you how He can use your interests to reach people for Jesus on the Texas-Mexico border or another mission field where He would like you to make a difference. 

Maybe He wants you to regularly support one of the above-mentioned missionaries or one of our missionaries who lives in Mexico, or to send them goodies they can use. Above all, please pray about whether God would have you personally use your interests by visiting a field.

Learn more about WGM Mexico!To support any of the missionaries serving on the Texas-Mexico border, visit the field pages at and click on the Connect and partner with those who serve link.

Do you want to go to the Texas-Mexico border?If God would have you visit a field, learn more at
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