Wednesday, June 5, 2013

If You Have a Semester

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If You Have a Semester

By Gabe Bain, Volunteer
April-June 2013

If you are like most Christian college students, you are looking for ways to use your talents to bring glory to God and further His kingdom. 
As a writer, I often found it difficult to discover opportunities to serve God with my writing. As a student journalist, telling the truth can be a great way to use my God-given talents, but sometimes I felt like I wanted something more.

Last April, I learned about an opportunity to become an intern and write for World Gospel Mission. I did not know much about WGM or the internships they provided. I just knew writing, school credit, and missions all sounded great to me. I was able to meet certain graduation requirements, and more importantly, glorify God by telling the story of missionaries around the world.

I sent in my application and left the rest in God’s hands. I was called for an interview and was accepted. The warm environment created by the staff made the three-month experience very enjoyable.

WGM provides many internship opportunities, ranging from writing and graphic design to photography and marketing. You can gain real-world work experience as you serve God with your talents. You will also be blessed by the staff that works here. They demonstrate what a walk with God should look like.

If you have a semester, don’t drag your feet on a great experience and opportunity that could shape your passions and sharpen your talents. A semester of serving and loving with your gifts is waiting for you.

Apply today!
If you have a semester, apply for a WGM internship at
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