Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Miraculous Donation

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A Miraculous Donation

By Carolyn W. WadeKenya
April-June 2013
A Miraculous Donation
In 1996, Ken and I were raising support to arrive in Kenya for our first term with World Gospel Mission. We were making steady progress financially, but one day we received notification of a larger-than-ever monetary gift to our ministry.

This couple, new acquaintances of ours, called us one September day in 1996. They informed us that we would receive a check in the mail for a large amount of money. We were astounded! The man had been unexpectedly named in a relative’s will. The couple chose to bless us with this gift that moved us over the top financially. 

Not only did the amount convert into a few hundred dollars of support a month for that first term, but it also met our cash need and secured funds for a vehicle to use in Kenya. Never before and never since has this occurred in our days of ministry.
What a blessing that was to us and how encouraging it was to our families who were also new to a faith mission endeavor. We quickly learned that God would raise up funds from obedient people (not necessarily people we knew well).

Each time we come on homeland ministry assignment (HMA provides missionaries with opportunities to share their call to missions and to challenge believers to become actively involved in missions), this experience reminds us that God did it before and will do it again as we trust Him.

Missionaries (and anyone involved in Christian service), believe that God will raise up people to help you get to the field or keep you ministering to those you have been called to serve. And to all of The Call readers, your gift is never too small or too large. You will have immeasurable impact on sharing Christ around the world.

Call Mark Moore today!Many of you have been faithful in your giving throughout your lives. Consider leaving a legacy with your finances that will impact ministry far beyond your time here on earth. If you would like to discuss your estate planning options, contact Mark Moore at 765.661.2803. All discussions will be held at no charge and in complete confidence.

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