Monday, November 19, 2012

Unverified Territory

An excerpt from Unverified Territory

The importance of leaving a legacy
By William T. Bonham, Attorney at Law, WGM Board Member
October-December 2012

Many WGM supporters who have been faithful to the ministry during their lifetimes have continued to be faithful even as they passed to their heavenly reward. They did this by remembering WGM and their other favorite ministries in their wills or trusts.

For example, the American Indian Field, the third largest WGM ministry area, has benefited from an endowment that paid the AIF an income for 20 years. The endowment, which is $400,000, matures in a few months and the entire sum will become available.

AIF has recently completed construction of a multipurpose facility at Southwest Indian Ministries Center in the Phoenix area. It will have a huge impact, not only on the unsaved in the community around it, but it will house ministries to the inhabitants of the Native American reservations in Arizona. The facility will host everything from church camps to AA meetings. Best of all, it is paid for.

The need now is for dormitory space to house attendees of the camps and other activities. A 120-bed dormitory has recently been approved by the WGM Board for construction at SIMC. The cost for construction will be $400,000!
God, in His perfect timing, has made this endowment money available from generous supporters. How delighted they would be to see the results of their faithfulness!

ACT: If you would like to discuss your estate planning goals, contact WGM Vice President Shelly McCollum at 765.664.7331. Questions for me? Feel free to contact me at 614.478.8020. All discussions will be held at no charge and in complete confidence.

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