Thursday, November 15, 2012

GPS: Give So They Can Play—It’s Simple!

An excerpt from GPS: Give So They Can Play--It's Simple!

Kids helping kids be kids
By Rachel Elwood, Support Staff
October-December 2012

When the group of kids from Indian Springs Holiness Camp in Georgia decided to give their offering to a missions project, they knew it had to be for something special. When they heard from missionaries Billy Wayne and Jenny Fuller that kids living in Samfya, Zambia, had no safe place to play, the children decided that they needed to have a playground.

The only problem? Gym sets aren’t easy to find in the remote town of Samfya, where Billy Wayne and Jenny serve at Samfya Bible School. Although they never dreamed that the skill “can design playground equipment” would be added to their resumés, they were up for the challenge! After drawing diagrams of a slide, swings, a sandbox, and monkey bars, the Fullers hired local craftsmen to construct the pieces, using what materials were available. The children’s offering covered all construction costs. Swings were attached to a huge tree that offers great shade, and a fence around the area completed the playground.

WEB: Kids really can make a missions impact. WGM’s Kids Helping Kids catalog lists specific missions projects that kids can get involved with to help other children around the world. Gather your Vacation Bible School or Sunday School class and download a free copy of the catalog at
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