Monday, July 9, 2012

No Blessing Lost

An excerpt from No Blessing Lost

Sharing love on a missions trip
By Victoria Henderson and Alexandra Keister, Work Team Members
Photographs by Jer Nelson
July-September 2012

Our work team of nine seemed an unlikely group. Our ages ranged from 11 to 63 and our backgrounds were varied. Most of us met as strangers, but 18 days later, we parted as friends who had shared an unforgettable time on the mission field of Kenya.

Kenya is littered with many tragedies. Due to poverty and AIDS, many Kenyan children have been orphaned or abandoned. Our group visited the town of Salgaa, where prostitution is rampant.
The good news that Jesus Christ changes lives is penetrating the dark places of Kenya, thanks to Christians who are sharing their faith within their culture. Two of the tireless workers for Christ our team met were Staci Keter, director of the Africa Gospel Church Baby Center; and Meshack Habib, senior pastor of Ngata Africa Gospel Church. Both were inspiring in their passion for their ministries, their knowledge of their mission field, and their seemingly unending energy to fulfill their calling.

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