Friday, July 6, 2012

The Business of Miracles

An excerpt from The Business of Miracles

Jesus revealing His love to His people

By Dr. Jan Grzeszkowiak, Volunteer, with Lizz Bramble, Volunteer
July-September 2012
The Business of Miracles
Have you ever thought about how God uses His supernatural powers of conversion and healing to go hand-in-hand with the wonders of modern medicine? Let me tell you the miraculous story of Tapnyonbi Kipkemoi Borowo and how the Lord provided her with whole-patient care.

After arriving at Tenwek, we traveled with a mobile eye clinic to the village of Dikirr, about two hours away. More than 70 people were already lined up, waiting for us outside the local health center, which was nothing more than a rough concrete block house. These people were eager to receive the medical help we could give.

Earlier that morning, before we arrived in Dikirr, the Lord spoke to my heart and revealed He wanted to heal a deaf person that day. After sharing the gospel message, I asked the large group if anyone among them was deaf. All fingers pointed to an elderly lady sitting under a tree. She was known to many in the village because of her deafness. Richard and I laid hands on Tapnyonbi Kipkemoi Borowo and commanded the spirit of deafness to leave her body and asked God to completely restore her hearing.

As soon as the prayer was finished, a surprised Tapnyonbi announced with joy that she could hear again. Everyone who witnessed the miracle was astonished at what the Lord had done. Jesus came once again and revealed His love and power to His people.

Our God is in the business of miracles. He performs them every day and everywhere; we just aren’t always looking for them. Praise to the One who healed a woman’s deafness and poor vision and her soul in the same moment! May we not forget to look for God’s daily miracles in our lives.

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