Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Love in Soccer Cleats

An excerpt from Love in  Soccer Cleats
By Tracy Dubois, Support Staff, with Gerson and Betsy Tejeda, MexicoJuly-September 2012

Carmen (name changed for privacy) woke up and wondered how she was going to feed her family. Her two children also needed new shoes and clothes, but she didn’t have the money. She was a new Christian and was feeling discouraged as she walked down her street in McAllen, Texas.

Gerson, who was born and raised in Bolivia, knows about poverty. He knows what it feels like to want new soccer cleats, and he knows what it feels like to be hungry.

The Lord also prompted Gerson to ask Carmen if she needed any rice or clothing.
“God sent you, didn’t He?” Carmen asked. “I was praying this morning because I didn’t have food to put on the table.”

“We realized that we can have all our programs and all our projects, but what really touches people is when we meet them where they are,” shared Betsy Tejeda. “They aren’t going to listen to the gospel until we feed them and clothe them and meet their needs."

ACT: With the help of a local Christian radio station and food and clothing donations from churches around the States, Gerson and Betsy want to start a clothes closet at Taylor Community Center. Want to help? Contact Gerson and Betsy at to show Christ’s love in McAllen.
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