Monday, October 17, 2011

Transformed Lives

An excerpt from Do You Believe…In Transformed Lives?
By Stacy Hall, Volunteer
October–December 2011

Buckets of water sat like hats on top of the children’s heads as they made their way uphill to the orphanage cistern. After Bob Heineman witnessed this sight in Haiti in April 2010 and saw the physical strain placed on the children, he thought there must be a better way to transport the water. After returning home, Bob talked to the chief of the Marion, Indiana, Fire Department, who donated a 100-foot fire hose. Bob took the hose to Haiti that October and gave it to the West Indies Self Help Foundation, and it has transformed the way they transport water.

In August 2006, when Bob was 40 years old, God used Bob’s wife to change his path. She told him to choose between his family and his addictions. Bob chose his family. A group of men from the church began an intensive accountability group with him, and he began to make progress. Realizing God desired to change his life, Bob walked away from his successful business and checked into a 130-day Salvation Army program in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where he surrendered his life to Christ. His family moved to Marion, Indiana, and began attending Brookhaven Wesleyan Church, where Bob began serving in Haiti through the church.

ACT: Partner with WGM Haiti today!Because of Christ, Bob’s life was transformed and now he is helping transform the lives of others. You, too, can transform lives by partnering with WGM to go on a trip ( to Haiti or to financially ( or prayerfully ( support missions in Haiti.
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