Monday, October 3, 2011

In Following His Lead?

An excerpt from Do You Believe…In Following His Lead?
By Carrie Schmit, Honduras
October–December 2011

My husband, Joe, and I are missionary disciples with World Gospel Mission, planning to serve the Lord in Honduras, working with the Manuelito Project. This ministry rescues children from the streets of Tegucigalpa for rehabilitation. As we began our first homeland ministry assignment, we were unsure how this would work for us and the team of ministry partners we had yet to build. I am reminded over and over again that it is not Joe and me who need to come up with this master plan. Our Father already has it and we just need to be willing to follow His lead and do our part in fulfilling it.

The Lord was working His plan right before our eyes and we didn’t even see it...

As we spent more time together, Emily told me that she had been planning to have an orphan walk to help spread awareness and motivate people to really look to God for what their part might be. Her passion is with orphans, but she made it very clear that the need for building God’s kingdom goes beyond the walls of an orphanage or the child without a home. She is a champion of missions. And with her came more champions.

Emily never thought she could be used to impact our “going” in such a way or that she could start the ripples for our community and for His kingdom. We only need to be ready and willing to do our part. We still have a long way to go, but the load is much lighter when it’s shared by our champions.

Join Joe and Carrie’s team of champions by offering a financial gift for their ministry to Honduras. Give online at or mail your check to World Gospel Mission, P.O. Box 948, Marion, IN 46952-0948. Be sure to write account #08154–Schmit–CALL on the memo line of your check.
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