Friday, April 1, 2016

Let's Meet on the Highway

Hubert Harriman, President
April-June 2016
Let's meet on the highway!

As a missionary kid, my life was a steady stream of transitions—from Bolivia (my birthplace) to the United States (for my parents’ deputation) and back to Bolivia several times as my parents moved from one ministry to another, to boarding school and back several times, and then on to college. After college, I did graduate work in Israel and then finished in Anderson, Indiana. That’s where Sarah and I met and were married. We soon went to Argentina for a year of missionary service, then to Ligonier, Indiana, where I pastored a church for the next 26 years. I’ve served as president of WGM for the last 13 years. And now, here we are, looking at another transition. The Lord willing, July 31, 2016, Sarah and I will enter into a new phase of life—free to do whatever we want! Wait a minute. Did I say “free”?

The apostles Peter, James, and Paul introduced themselves as “bondslaves” of Jesus Christ (2 Peter 1:1; James 1:1; Romans 1:1; Titus 1:1). This was an Old Testament concept—one who had willfully given himself back to his owner after given his “freedom.” They were free from living for themselves, and free to live for another with all their heart. 
The most pathetic kind of bondage is the bondage to self. A bondslave knows the freedom of love—a freedom, like that of a husband and wife, that says, “I joyfully choose to give myself to you!” They enter into this constraint on their lives with full, glad abandonment. This love doesn’t feel any bondage. All they see are the great advantages and adventures of life together. Until one knows a complete love—with all the heart, soul, mind, and strength—for the LORD, they will never be free to know the joy of a bondslave lifestyle. They will always be chained to self-centered drives that shrivel into nothing more than “me.” Now, that’s pathetic.  

I’ve been marked! I’m not my own. I’m bought with a price, and I want to spend my life “repaying” the debt I owe Him. This is one debt I know I can never repay, but I will die trying—because I count it all joy. I love Him because He first loved me—even me! I’ll never forget that moment of transition from “my way” to “His way” and, believe it or not, it’s called a “highway”—the highway of holiness. I aim to stay on that way wherever it may take me. It’s the best way—it’s a complete oneness with the One. It’s where Jehovah God blesses and keeps you. It’s where His face shines on you and is gracious to you. It’s where He lifts His countenance on you and brings peace to you.  

Transitions? I’m free! Free to do whatever God wants. Meet me on this highway and let’s see where our God takes us. 

Pray for WGM's next president
Pray for World Gospel Mission during this time of leadership transition. Ask for His blessing on the organization and on the new president.

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