Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A Leader Leading

Carolyn Wade, Missionary, Kenya
April-June 2016

Ken and Carolyn Wade are involved in a grassroots, holistic ministry in Kenya.
In January 2004, Hubert Harriman, president of World Gospel Mission, was the Holiness Emphasis Week speaker at Kenya Highlands Evangelical University (KHEU). After a service one evening, my husband, Ken, and I asked to speak with him. 
As we met in our back garden area, we explained that we had a growing desire to be out in the villages with the people, sharing Jesus and encouraging Christians to surrender their lives to Christ. 
Hubert stated that this was for sure a need in the Africa Gospel Church. At that time, WGM did not have a couple working in such a capacity as the church had earlier experienced. He encouraged us to follow God’s call on our hearts. When we shared this with the Kenya country director, he, too, encouraged us to follow the Lord’s lead. 
KHEU graduation in July 2004 closed a chapter in our lives. We returned to the United States for homeland ministry assignment with plans to begin a holistic, grassroots ministry. The Lord built this by supplying donors, providing a new truck, and locating an apartment for us in Kericho. 
Through the encouragement of a missional leader, we moved forward in God’s timing and through His resources to reach out to people who had never seen a WGM missionary, to others who had never understood what a Scriptural marriage looked like, and to yet others who had never understood what a full surrender to Christ was. 
Only eternity will tell what has been done through AGC Enhancement Ministries! God will reward all who have prayed and given to help this ministry stand. May we always have missional leaders who will encourage missionaries to follow God’s lead.  

Pray for WGM leaders.
Take this month to focus prayer time on the leaders of WGM. God’s wisdom and direction are necessary in moving forward.

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