Wednesday, January 13, 2016

From Inspiration to Involvement

From Inspiration to Involvement

Jared Gleason, Support Staff
January-March 2016

Abby LeCompte served as a Volunteers In Action participant to Albania in 2013. Sara Larson, Erica Clampitt, and Tyler Frazier were VIA to Honduras in 2009.
As I browse social media or flip through a magazine, photos stick out to me the most. Most of the time I’m not even reading, but waiting for the next photo to catch my eye, prompting me to read whatever story or post accompanies it. Do you find yourself doing that?

Photos are fascinating because they can elicit so much emotion and inspiration, especially pictures that involve ministry and missions. You may think, “Wow, that’s an amazing ministry that is going on in Albania,” or “I would love to serve like that some day.” And that thought might be the last time you think of it. My prayer is that that would not be the case.

Are you brave enough to change your inspiration into involvement? I challenge you to actually respond. Don’t just click “Like” on Facebook and move on to the next photo. Don’t just flip the magazine page and read the next article. Take action. Ask questions. Learn more. Share with others what God is doing around the world and in your heart. Or, if you are up to a real faith challenge—go and be a part of it.
Going is a big step, but it is a step worth taking. Through Christ, people’s lives are being transformed and communities are being changed. You can be a part of what He is doing. And then you’ll be the one sharing photos, impacting others’ lives, and, Lord willing, inspiring them to be a part of missions as well.

As you are inspired by missions photos in this magazine, online, or wherever they may be, pray about how God may use those photos to prompt you to become involved. If He prompts you to seek out an opportunity to serve, WGM has many ways that you can do that. Maybe it’s going on your first team, maybe it’s serving for a summer, or maybe it’s beginning a career in missions. It could also mean being an advocate for missions in your small group, church, or community.

No matter what God is asking you to do, I’d love to talk with you and help your inspiration become a reality.

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