Wednesday, January 27, 2016

40 Years behind the Lens: Bob’s Favorite Shots

This overgrown sugarcane field near Santa Cruz, Bolivia, is now home to Bolivian Evangelical University.Bob Bushong, Support Staff, 
with Rachel Elwood, Support Staff 
January-March 2016

I’ve been with WGM since 1975 in a number of roles, but one of my favorites has been field photographer. I’ve gotten to see and record some amazing things: history in the making, faces that will never leave me, and testimonies of God’s great love. It’s been great to see how God can use my camera as His tool to tell His story.

Meredythe Scheflen took us to this overgrown sugar cane field near Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and insisted that one day it would be a university. She served tirelessly as a missionary in Bolivia for decades, and today, Bolivian Evangelical University is the largest private university in Bolivia with over 2,000 students enrolled.

Learn more about BEU.This Cessna aircraft was part of WGM’s Wings of Peace aviation ministry in Bolivia.MORE: Go to to learn more about the ministries at BEU.

I felt like a real daredevil, practically hanging out of this Cessna to take photos of our Wings of Peace aircraft. This photo is especially meaningful because a few years later, WGM went through one of the most difficult chapters when a plane was lost in flight, along with its seven passengers.

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Through compassionate, education, family, and 
Dr. Ernie Steury was the first doctor at Tenwek Hospital in Kenya.youth ministries, WGM Bolivia is reaching out to those aged 29 years and younger with the love of Christ. Discover how you can help share Christ’s love in Bolivia at

It was a privilege to watch Dr. Ernie Steury work with patients at Tenwek Hospital in Kenya. He was the first missionary physician at Tenwek and truly laid the groundwork for it to become one of the leading missions hospitals in East Africa.

Partner with Tenwek Hospital.GIVE: While Tenwek’s medical services are patient-fee funded and usually affordable, these services are also made possible through donations from ministry partners like you. Donate at

In 1980, Reuben Lang’at (right) was doing his internship among the Maasai in Kenya. Rev. Lang’at now serves on WGM’s Board of Directors.One of the best things about having taken photos on our fields for so long is that I’ve seen nationals develop into strong leaders. Reuben Lang’at (right) was doing his student missions internship to the Maasai people when I took this photo in the 1980s. He is now a WGM board member.

Make an impact on your knees.PRAY: Pray that the Lord will touch the hearts of qualified personnel to partner with WGM’s vital educational ministries around the globe. Training pastors, church leaders, and missionaries for Africa is a wonderful privilege.

I will never forget this little girl. She and her sister were
about the same ages of my own two daughters at the time, 
A young Bolivian girl struggles to draw water from a well.and I remember thinking how easily their lives could have been flipped, and it would have been my own kids who were struggling to draw water from a well.

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